Over the years, I’ve collaborated on creating interactive art pieces, from physical installations like to digital video works to creating reactive theater stages.


I began playing drums at age five and composing at 17. I performed in various bands and orchestras until I completed my Master’s degree. Nowadays, I focus on composing solo pieces, mainly using software like LogicPro, Cubase, and Ableton. I collaborate on many video projects with Emiel Harmsen, providing the music, and have aspirations to venture into live music production/coding/DJing. I maintain a somewhat updated SoundCloud and occasionally stream live music on YouTube.

Code + .svg + Max .

A graphical score.
The graphical score for the “Identity in Motion” 360 VR video. (The black Boxes are not played and are used for scaling.).

I love exploring new expressive tools for music and visuals. In this example, I used IANNIX, Max 7, and LogicPro to create the audio track for a 360 VR video.

Identity in Motion (360 VR / Stereoscopic 3D / 60 fps)

Music for videos

Here is a selection of public videos that I have contributed music to:


Like many, I enjoy photography. A curated selection of my work is available on Flickr. Now what?